How to get a Free iPhone – A Step-By-Step Guide

Hey everyone, John here.

If you’re reading this, you’re trying to get a free iPhone. And boy have we found you a way!

We have been in this business for years now, so we know our free electronics. That means that we’ve already picked the best deals for you.

 If you’re from the USA, you can simply go here to get your free iPhone.

If you are still reading, then you’re not from the USA, right?

I will be showing you how to get a free iPhone using research that we did here at We have already been successful in the past , getting people everything from video game consoles to iPods, TVs to iPads. iPhones were a natural progression.

New electronics come out all of the time, and it can be frustrating sometimes. We feel your pain. We used to be in your shoes, looking at the newest, slimmest, shiniest, fastest, brightest gadgets and not affording them. Everyone says they’re great–how did they afford them? It’s not like they’re getting any cheaper, either; they’ll just be replaced by something better but equally expensive.

Costly electronics were a problem for us ten years ago already. This problem is now amplified by a poor economy. The companies who are trying to sell you these gadgets aren’t hurting as far as you can tell. They continue to charge an arm and a leg and post record profits quarter after quarter. Your electronics look like junk compared to what you can get now, even though you paid the same price for them just a year or two ago.

Are you being cheated? What is there you can do?

You can do what we did and get your electronics free, that what. Except you won’t need to do the tough research, because this site already did that and it’s all you’ll need.

That’s great, but… will I actually get a free iPhone here?

Simply put: yes! While we’re not actually the ones doling out the free goods, our process here is proven to get you free goodies online. We will be making the steps simple and complete. They’re so good, you may have even heard about this process on CNN, Fox News, or other major sources of news. You’ll be unpacking your new iPhone before you know it! Before you even consider whether or not an iPhone is worth the money, remember this: it’s free!

So this is a scam then?

No. No no no. This is a process that is easy to do once you know how, but many people are confused by the amount of misinformation that exists. This site clarifies that for you. Just read over the steps; you’ll learn how it’s done and realize that you can’t actually come up with a good excuse not to try to get a free iPhone.

So without more ado, here’s how it’s done.

  • Step 1: Pick the program where you’ll get your free iPhone from

We’re going to make that easy for you. Here are the best site: just pick the one for you country.

United States flag


 USA – You can get your free iPhone here!



Canadian flag


 Canada - This is where you want to go!



World's flags


 Anywhere else in the world–click here!



  • Step 2: Follow the step on that site to sign up

There’s not much to do. There will only be one or two step on that site. Make sure you enter a valid email address, as well as some other information. Don’t lie! There’s no point, and if they find out you’re lying they won’t give you anything for free.

These site are secure, so there is no need to worry about your confidentiality. If you don’t want to take our word for it, that’s fine (it’s good to be careful), just read the information on the sites. You will find a privacy policy telling you about how they won’t spam you and more.

When you proceed, keep a few simple rules in mind. There are a lot of people who will tell you that these sites will scam you, but they only think that because they didn’t follow these simple rules and hence didn’t get their free iPhone, TV, laptop, or whatever. Just follow these and you should be good.


  • When you are signing up to the site, fill out everything completely and accurately.
  • You will probably be referring other to do offers for you. They must use a different computer than you in a different house than you when signing up for the program (in technical terms, that means a different IP address and no shared cookies… but don’t worry about that). This also means that you should both use the same public computer or location, such as a coffee shop, library, office, or school.
  • Continue to maintain this separation: the people you refer shouldn’t ever even log in on your computer.
  • Different people shouldn’t do all the same offers as each other. The more people who do the same offers, the more suspicious it will look (they might think it’s just one person doing all of them.
  • On a related note, don’t sign up more than once, do the same offer more than once, or refer yourself. It’s against the rules. These are high-quality sites, so they’ll catch so even if you use proxies.
  • Don’t use proxies… you don’t need them, they look suspicious, and they may be against some sites’ terms.
  • Don’t just cancel your trial offers immediately. It might not count. So try them out for as long as you feel comfortable doing so.
  • Read the terms of service on all the sites you go to. We’re confident that there’s nothing wrong with them, but you should be sure you’re not following the directions wrongly.
  • In summary, just don’t try to game the system. You are already getting a free iPhone; there’s no reason to try to cheat any further and end up with nothing!